The Best Examples of the Personal Security Cars Used By the Vips

Unlike average people the VIPs such as the government or the political officials, business tycoons, movie stars, and the criminals use specialized cars that are equipped with the advanced technology to make them more secure from bullets, bombs or any kind of life-threatening attacks. A variety of these highly mechanized cars is manufactured by some of the top-notch vehicle companies.

Here, we have listed the top 10 of the best personal security vehicles that the VIPs use. Take a look-

  1. The Beast of POTUS-

The former US President Barack Obama’s Beast is one of the top-modeled armored cars of the century. Donald Trump’s Beast is also a replica of the previous POTUS. Built by Cadillac, the vehicle is created by incorporating the most integrated automobile technology invested so far and implemented that could hardly be imagined. The vehicle carrying the ruler of the free world has its doors weigh similar to a Boeing 747 door.

  1. Britain’s Queen very own Bentley Mulsanne

The Mulliner Division of the Mulsanne sector of the premier car manufacturer Bentley has created one of the best armored cars ever created in this planet. The personal security car of Queen Elizabeth of England is built with the technology to protect the occupant from the deadliest explosives, chemical attacks, and severe gun fire. From the very foundation of the vehicle-making process, the Mulsanne has integrated the advanced technology inside the car to make it one of the most protected vehicles on Earth. Speed is one of the primary features of the vehicle. In 5.1 seconds, it can run 0 to 60 miles per hour. If the vehicle is under attack, the driver can speed up to get away to a secured place.

  1. The Mercedes S600-Pullman State Limousine

From Elizabeth Taylor to Fidel Castro, from the pop king Elvis Presley to Idi Amin-Pullman’s Limo has always been their favorite means of transportation. All of their Limos looked simple, but the built had the endurance to resist bullet attacks and any kind of explosive assaults. The interiors of the cars worked as bunkers to protect the occupants.

Volkswagen Phaeton, Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Limousine, Audi A 8 L security, BMW 760 Li are some of the hottest and the best examples of the personal security vehicles of the world’s greatest personalities from various fields.

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