Inspecting of Tires When Purchasing a Used Mercedes from Dealers

Are you planning to purchase a used Mercedes? You might be super excited that your dream of owning a Mercedes is finally about to come true. No matter what type of used Mercedes you purchase, you might need to thoroughly inspect the car, especially the tires.

Tires tell a lot About a Car

Like the car itself, every part of the car will be expensive, so if you think of replacing parts after purchasing the can, then you might have to shell out some more cash. An alternative to this would be, visit any Mercedes dealership showroom, and inspect the car yourself.

While accessing a used Mercedes, do not forget to inspect the tires. A tire speaks a lot about the condition of the car. On the outside, the tires might look “new”, but internally they might be worn or damaged. You do not want to find yourself in such situations.

When inspecting the tires, you might want to:

  • The size of the tires – Go through the owner’s manual to understand the right tire size
  • Check for the tread depth – This can help determining the actual condition of the tire
  • Look for uneven wears
  • Look for the codes beginning with DOT on the tire – the first four digits represent the week followed by year of manufacture
  •  Look for cracks and bulges appearing on the tires

An easy way to check the tire tread depth would be to insert a coin in between the tread grooves. If the coin is fully immersed in between the grooves, then the tires are fine, if not it needs to get replaced.

Update your Knowledge about the Vehicle You wish to Purchase

Knowledge is power. The more you gather knowledge about the vehicle, the less likely you might make a bad purchasing decision. While visiting the showroom, do not show your eagerness to purchase the vehicle. Sales people are keen observers and they might immediately want to capitalize onto the opportunity on making a sale.

Upon inspection, if you find the tires are not satisfactory, then do not go for it. Sales people will try to convince you to replace the tire. Keep in mind; if you change one tire, then you might need to change the other one too. Imagine the costs that will go into getting them replaced.


It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you find minor issues with the tires, but the rest of the vehicle is functioning perfectly, then you can negotiate with the prices and get a discounted price for the vehicle.