Factors That May Influence the Life Expectancy of a Car Battery

There are many different parts of the car that needs battery power and after certain period of time, the battery gets discharged, which has to be recharged. However, after its life period is over, the battery may not deliver power even after charging. At this stage, we need to replace it.

There are a number of factors that decide the life span of any battery. Even some of the best car battery brand may not last longer, if the battery is not maintained properly or the car is not driven in the right manner.

Following are few common factors that may dictate the life expectancy of a car battery.

  • Weather

If you look at the specifications of car the battery, you will find that certain battery specifies minimum temperature under which it will start your engine without creating any major trouble. Therefore, if you are living in cold region then you need to choose suitable battery for your car. If you buy your car in a warmer place and then later move to the colder region, then you may face difficulty in starting the vehicle.

  • Usage

Overusing of the battery can also shorten the life of the battery. Therefore, you must keep your head light off, stop using the music system or use AC less often particularly when you are not driving your car. Keeping your battery in operation all the time may shorten its life.

  • Wear and tear

It depends how you charge and discharge your batteries. Overcharging the battery can also shorten the life expectancy.

Keeping in view of the above, you must use your battery so that it can run its normal life.